Danique Naarding

Danique Naarding

Danique Naarding

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In high school I already knew what I wanted to be: a dentist. The X-ray of my own teeth fascinated me. And I saw how good dentistry (and sometimes orthodontics) produces healthy teeth and a radiant smile.


Since 2016 I have been working as a chair and prevention assistant at Dental Practice de Wolvenstraat. In February 2022 I will complete my Dentistry training in Amsterdam and I will start working as a dentist. Close to home, because I live in the Amsterdam Pijp.


In the Wolvenstraat we strive for the highest quality with a team of professionals. And as colleagues, we create a friendly, casual atmosphere. This fits in well with my critical view, eye for detail and goal-oriented treatment. Collaboration with the patient also plays an important role in this. Because we maintain and possibly restore a healthy mouth together.


I am really enjoying the Wolvenstraat dental practice and I hope to meet you there.


General dentistry, Crown and bridges

Working hours:

Monday: 08:00-14:00

Tuesday: 08.30-17.00

Wednesday: 14:15-20:00

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