Dental hygienist

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Dental hygienist

Would you like to have healthy and strong denture for the rest of your life? Taking good care of your teeth and visiting the dental hygienist regularly will contribute to this.

You may have noticed: the focus on preventing problems in the mouth increases. Research shows that the chance of getting problems in the mouth is significantly lower when you have healthy denture. Having healthy teeth is not only important to prevent problems in the mouth, but it also has a positive effect on your general health.

When is it important to visit the dental hygienist?

  • If the dentist refers you. The dentist will check if it is necessary for you to visit the dental hygienist during the general checkup. If the dentist thinks it is necessary for your oral health to visit the dental hygienist, he will refer you.
  • On your own initiative. If you think that your oral health can be better or if you just want to have a good cleaning.
  • If you have problems on your gum, for example bleeding gum or irritated gum. In this case, please book an appointment at the dentist first.
  • In case of discoloration of the teeth caused by tartar or staining.
tandarts Jordaan, tandarts, tandarts Wolvenstraat, tandarts Amsterdam, Amsterdam

Brushing lessons for children

It is not easy to learn kids to brush their teeth in the right way or to use toothpicks correctly. It is very important though that they start with this on a young age. They will benefit from this for the rest of their lives!

Therefore, we regularly advise kids to visit the dental hygienist from a young age. The dental hygienist uses a coloring test to show which part are not cleaned properly. She explains how the kids can clean those areas properly. After this, the dental hygienist will clean the teeth thoroughly. In a follow up appointment, we will check if there is improvement after the brushing lesson. We will continue to do this until the kids have a good oral health and they can brush and clean in the correct way.

Kids with a Dutch insurance are fully covered until the age of 18, so you do not pay for the appointments!

The treatment

Our dental hygienists start with asking some questions about your general health, problems in the mouth and the way you clean your teeth. Then, the dental hygienist will take a look in your mouth and decide what kind of treatment you need and if you clean your teeth in the right way yourself. In most cases she will start the treatment with giving instruction about how you need to clean your teeth yourself. After this, she will clean the teeth thoroughly which can last for 30 to 60 minutes. At the end of the treatment, the dental hygienist will advise you on how many times per year it is necessary for you to visit her.

Tips for at home

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day in the correct way.
  • Preferably, use an electric toothbrush.
  • Clean the spaces between the teeth with toothpicks or tiny brushes.
  • Brush your tongue as well. There are a lot of bacteria on the tongue.
  • Choose the right toothpaste. Our dental hygienists can advise you on this.
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1 keer per 6 maanden laat ik na mijn vaste controle altijd ook even mijn tanden weer helemaal schoonpoetsen door de mondhygiënist. Hierdoor voelen mijn tanden meteen weer heerlijk glad en schoon om weer een half jaar vooruit te kunnen

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tandarts Jordaan, tandarts, tandarts Wolvenstraat, tandarts Amsterdam, Amsterdam


Children are fully covered for the dental hygienist from the basic insurance up to 18 years old. If you are over 18 years old and you have an additional insurance for the dentist, then treatments at the dental hygienist are partly- or fully covered. You can check this at your insurance and check if they cover M-codes. You can find the costs of M-codes here.

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