Strong and healthy teeth
for every child


Brushing your teeth… It sounds so easy. Two times a day for two minutes. However, there is a lot to it. Prevention is better than cure! We see more and more children with dental problems in our practice. Because of this reason we came up with a nice and fun solution.

Teeth brushing academy with dentalpractice de Wolvenstraat.
Register your son and/or daughter for the tooth brushing course at our practice. By participating in the tooth course, your child will become a real expert! Once your son or daughter has become the expert and doesn’t have more plaque then 10% on their teeth, they will receive a well-deserved diploma.

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How do our dentalhygienists and prevention-assistents teach your children how to brush their teeth properly?

Step 1:

It is important that your son and/or daughter have already brushed their teeth prior to the appointment. Please bring the tooth brush, electric or manual tot he appointment.

Step 2:

During the appointment the dentalhygienist or the prevention assistent will apply a pink liquid on your childs teethThis is to detect leftover plaque. In this way, they can see exactly which spots are skipped. 

Step 3:

This way they can teach your child how to brush their eeth properly at their best. If needed, also how to floss or use a toothpick. The plaque left behind is well recorded at every apointment, so that the improvements are kept up to date.

Step 4:

When your child had achieved a plaque sscore that’s under the 10% your child wil receive th well-deserved diploma.  

Frequently asked Questions

The teeth brush academy is fully covered by your insuranceThis means, that you don’t have any costs for this treatment. It will only be charged if you miss an appointmentTo prevent this,  it is important that you and your child appear tot he appointment on time or that you cancel at least 24 hours in advance.  

It is a one on one treatment given by one of our dentalhygienists or prevention-assistentsThere are no standard days or time for this treatment. You can choose what works best for you and your child. An appointment lasts about half an hourDepending on the amount of plaque, it wil be determined how often your child needs to come back. 

All children between 4 and 12 years. 

You can easily register directly on our website by filling in the form on this page. Just as easy, you can also contact us by phone on 0206279229 

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