Intake (first appointment with the dentist)

The first appointment at the dentist is practically the same as a general checkup. However, we do take a bit more time (about 20-30 minutes) to get to know you and your teeth and to give you the possibility to ask questions if you have them. Besides this, the dentist will check your dental history, your overall dental health and he will make a treatment plan together with you if necessary.


It is important that we receive your dental history of your previous dentist. If this is in another language then Dutch or English, then we would like to receive the x-rays. You need to ask for your dental file yourself. We cannot do that for you, because of privacy rules. We need your dental history to provide the right dental care. also, sometimes it is not necessary to make new x-rays if we receive recent x-rays from your previous dentist.

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Health questionnaire

When you visit the practice for the first time, we will ask you to fill in a questionnaire about your health. It is mandatory for us to have this information from you, so we can provide you with the correct dental care. Besides this, we need to know what kind of medicine you use. If you use a large amount of medicine, we ask you to bring this list to your first appointment (typed, not handwritten).

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Generally, we make x-ray’s during your intake. If we received recent x-ray’s from your previous dentist and they have good quality, it is not necessary to make new photos. We take x-ray’s every 2 years during the checkups to discover potential problems in an early stage and check the bone and roots.

Identity card or passport

Also, we kindly ask you to bring your identity card or passport to your first appointment. We need to check your identity and if you are insured in Holland, we need your ID card/passport to check this. 

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