Facings can be a solution for different problems. Often, facings are chosen to make the teeth look more beautiful. Nowadays, facings can be made in such way that they look more beautiful then you own teeth!

What is a facing?

A facing is a thin layer of tooth-colored composite or porcelain that is applied to an already existing tooth. A facing is often made for aesthetic reasons. 

The treatment

The procedure of the treatment is different with a composite facing then a porcelain facing. A porcelain facing is made in the dental lab and a composite facing in the practice. The treatment consists of the following steps: 

1. Choosing the right color

We will choose a color that matches the rest of the teeth with a special dental color palette.

2. Applying the composite or preparing for a porcelain facing

In case of a composite facing, the material will be applied right after the color has been chosen. In case of a porcelain facing, the tooth or molar will be prepared for placement in a later stage. A thin layer of the enamel will be removed to make room for the facing. 


3. Design the right shape

Then, we will make an impression of the teeth. This will be send to the dental lab where they make the porcelain facing. It takes two weeks for the dental lab to make a facing for you with the right shape and color. For these two weeks you will have a temporary facing in your mouth. 


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4. Attaching the facing

Two weeks later, the porcelain facing will be attached in your mouth with dental cement. 

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Ik voelde mij erg onzeker over mijn gebit. Al mijn vriendinnen hebben van die Colgate smiles en bij mij zaten er allemaal spleetjes tussen mijn tanden. Door het plaatsen van facings voel ik mij zoveel meer zelfverzekerd, ik ben helemaal happy!

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To find out what the costs are for a facing, it is important to know which material is being used. We use V-codes for composite facings and R-codes for porcelain facings. You can check at your insurance if they cover these codes. You find the prices here.

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