Place and replace crowns and bridges

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Place and replace crowns and bridges

If your own teeth are damaged/broken or decayed and do not function properly anymore and they cannot be repaired with a filling, we often choose for a crown or a bridge as a sustainable replacement. Crowns and bridges have the same shape and function as your own teeth. The procedure usually takes two or three appointments to complete.

What is a crown?

A crown is a cover/cap of Zirconium Oxide or Glass Ceramic that fits precisely on the prepared tooth. The cap is cemented on the tooth or molar with bonding. The crown looks like a normal tooth or molar and has the same function as well.

When is a crown necessary?

  1. If the broken or decayed tooth cannot be fixed with a filling.
  2. For cosmetic reasons. Crowns could be used in case of discoloration and/or bad shape of the teeth. We only do this kind of treatments if the patient requests it.
  3. As a proper restoration to protect your tooth after a root canal treatment.

What is a bridge?

A bridge is used to replace one or more missing teeth/molars. It is a device that attach artificial teeth to adjacent natural teeth. It consists out of two or more crowns.

When is a bridge necessary?

  1. To improve chewing.
  2. Cosmetic reasons.
  3. To prevent that other teeth will replace and stand crooked. Your teeth work together for many daily functions such as eating and speaking. Missing teeth could cause disfunction of those things if you do not replace them.
tandarts Jordaan, tandarts, tandarts Wolvenstraat, tandarts Amsterdam, Amsterdam

What materials are used?

There are countless materials that can be used to construct crowns and bridges. In our practice we mostly use Zirconium Oxide and Glass Ceramic in combination with porcelain. 

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tandarts Jordaan, tandarts, tandarts Wolvenstraat, tandarts Amsterdam, Amsterdam

The treatment in steps

  1. Preparing the teeth or molar
    During the first appointment, we will prepare the teeth or molar by removing a portion of the enamel and dentin. This preparation is made, so that there is enough space to make a crown that fits well on it. We will use anesthetics during this treatment. 
  2. Making an impression or scan
    Then, the dentist will make an impression of your entire jaw or the part where the crown will be placed. The dentist will use an impression-form with a rubber-like impression material in your mouth. In a later stadium, the crown or bridge will be made with this print of your mouth. Sometimes we make a scan of your teeth instead of an impression. The scan is based on photos of your mouth which will be used to design the form of the crown or bridge.
  3. Choosing the right color
    The color of the crown or bridge needs to fit the rest of the teeth. To decide the correct color, we use a special dental color palette. If it is a tooth in front of the mouth, we sometimes decide to let the dental lab choose the color. They have a larger color palette and do it more precisely. They could come to our practice, or you could go to the lab yourself. 
  4. Attaching with cement
    During the last appointment, the dentist fits the crown or bridge in to the mouth and attaches it with cement. The cement is hard super fast, so you can use the crown/bridge as a normal tooth right after the treatment. Sometimes, we attach the crown/bridge temporarely. Especially, when it is a tooth in the front of the mouth or, if you are not 100% sure if you like the shape and color. We always discuss this with you and decide together. A temporarely placed crown or bridge can still be removed and adjusted easily if necessary. 


If you have an additional insurance for the dentist, crowns and bridges are often partially or fully covered. You can check this at your insurance and check if they cover R-codes. The prices of the different parts of the treatment can you see here. The most accurate cost estimation is an estimation of the dentist which is tailored to your teeth and treatment plan.

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