General check up

General check up

It is very important that the dentist checks your teeth twice a year. In this way you reduce the chance to get problems in your mouth or discover them in an early stage which could make a treatment easier.

What is a general check up?

In a general checkup the dentist will look at your overall dental health. In most cases we advise our patients to see the dentist for a checkup twice a year. In some cases, we advise to come ones a year and we will discuss this during the appointment. Every two years we make Xray’s of the teeth during the general checkup, so we can check for problems in the jaw(bone) and roots.

What happens in case of problems in the mouth?

Of course, this depends on what kind of problem it is. In some cases, the dentist will decide to monitor the problem and check regularly if it needs treatment. In other cases, treatment is needed immediately/on short term. The dentist will discuss this during the check up and give u all the important information you need.

Is the general check up mandatory?

No, it is not mandatory. We do advice you strongly to let your teeth checked by the dentist twice a year. In this way we can discover potential problems in an early stage and there will be enough time to plan a treatment if needed. Besides this, problems in the mouth could cause other physical problems which you might not connect to each other right away. It is not only important for your mouth to let it checked twice a year, but also for your overall health!

How long does a general check up take?

The duration of a check up is around 15 minutes.

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Ieder half jaar bezoek ik de tandarts en mondhygienist voor een reiniging en check van mijn gebit. Ik maak de afspraak altijd gelijk als ik in de praktijk ben. Zo mis ik er geen en blijft mijn gebit gezond! De afspraken kunnen trouwens achter elkaar gepland worden, dus kleine moeite!

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Children below the age of 18 are ensured for check ups at the dentist for 100%. Dental treatments are not automatically covered from the basic health insurance for people above 18 years old. If you want a dental insurance, you will need an additional insurance. For information and costs we advise you to contact your insurance company. If you do have an additional dental insurance the check up (including x-rays) is covered in most cases. However, it depends on your insurance if it is covered for a 100% or less. You can contact your insurance company to check this. Sort out if they cover C-codes (checkup) and X-codes (x-rays). You can find the prices of these codes here.

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