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Depending on the situation in the mout hand the number of missing teeth we can provide the following solutions:


  1. A partial denture (plate- or frame denture):

If a couple of teeth are missing, a (partial) denture can be made. The function of a denture is to improve biting, chewing and speaking. De denture can also improve the appearance of your teeth. In addition, this prevents your other natural teeth from becoming crooked or moving.

  1. A full denture:

Dentures replace your own teeth and can look very natural. With dentures you can eat, talk, smile and still look good and natural.

What can you expect?

To make sure the denture fits in your mouth, the dentist will make an impression of your teeth with a special impression material. With this impression the dental technician will make a plaster model, which is used to make a model of synthetic resin. The dentist will place his model in your mouth to determine the position of your jaws relative to each other. The dentist will then adjust and finish this model in a way that it will fit perfectly.

After care

A denture obviously feels different then your own teeth. It will take a while to get used to it. Painfull pressure spots can develop in the beginning. You might need a couple more appointments with the dentist untill those pressure spots are solved. It is important that you keep the denture in. In the first week also at night. After that it is better to sleep without the denture. After a couple of weeks you’ll have another appointment where the dentist will check how the denture fits and what you think of it. the dentist can make minor adjustments if necessary.

I always had problems with my teeth. 2 years ago the dentist adviced me to take a denture. I came back a few times to adjust my dentures to fit perfeclty. No wit fits well and I am so happy I took it!

Joop (65)



Would you like to know what a denture costs and If your insurance covers it? With dentures P-codes are calculated and fort he extraction of your teeth H-codes. The costs of these codes can be found [here].

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