Boudewijn Tideman

Profielfoto Boudewijn Tideman, tandarts bij Tandartspraktijk de Wolvenstraat

Boudewijn Tideman

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Iam one of the founders of this practice together with Paul Govers. In addition to general dentistry, the manufacture of crowns and bridges, I have also placed implants since 1997.


Implantology has my special interest. I also do this in another practice at ‘Dentists Om de Noord’ in Hoogkarspel. I only do implantology there. After many years of working with Paul Govers, the practice has been expanded with prevention assistants, dental hygienists and three other dentists.


As a result, we want to offer a wider range and take dental care to a higher level. Today’s patient asks that too. The combination of very experienced dentists with dentists with a lot of knowledge and skills in the field of modern techniques makes working very professional and pleasant. I never lose sight of the patient.

It is a pleasure for me to work in this practice and the patients notice that too.

General dentistry, crowns and bridges

Specialization: Implantology

Dentist Tideman does NOT take any more patients

Working hours

Tuesday 08.00-12.00

Wednesday 08.00-12.00

Thursday 08.00-13.00

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