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Invisible dental braces: beautiful teeth, without noticing the braces!

Do you desire straight teeth? Are you disappointed with the gap between your teeth? Nowadays, these kinds of problems can be solved with an invisible brace from Airsmile!

What is Air Align?

Airsmile offers custom made, removable mouthguards that are barely visible when you wear them. Based on information from your teeth that we provide to Airsmile, a series of mouthguards is made so that your teeth look the way you want. The duration of the treatment depends on how big the change has to be. Every month you will receive 2 mouthguards, each of which ensures a movement of the teeth. During the treatment, the dentist will attache tooth-colored fillings on your teeth that provide support for the mouthguards. In some cases it is necessary to make your teeth smaller, by removing a small piece of tooth from the sides, to make sure your teeth will move into the right shape.

You have to wear the braces 22 hours per day to achieve the desired result. You only take out the braces when you eat, drink or brush your teeth. If you wear the braces less then 22 hours per day, there is a chance that the duration of the treatment lasts longer.

The treatment

During the intake the dentist will explain the treatment to you. We listen to your wishes and we’ll deside together if the invisible braces is suitable for you. If you are interested, we collect the right information that is needed to have the so-called Aircheck made (prints, mouth photos). After this, we’ll know how the treatment is going to look like; what the technic costs are, how many mouthguards you’ll wear and how your teeth will look after the treatment.

Custom made invisible braces

The treatment plan (the Aircheck) and the actual costs will be shared with you. When you’ve agreed to the treatment, the mouthguards will be made. Two weeks after we start with the treatment. Every four weeks we’ll make an appointment to see how it goes and then you can switch to  the next mouthguards. 


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The care

To achieve the right results it is important that you wear the Aligners day and night, which comes down to 22 hours a day. Only when you eat/drink or brush your teeth you remove the dental braces. During the treatment you’ll notice that your teeth will go in the right direction. Every check-up the dentist will check if the treatment achieves the desired result. In some cases the treatment needs to be adjusted. Sometimes the treatment may take a bit longer than initially thought.

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F-codes will be charged fort his treatment. This treatment is almost never covered by your insurance, but you can always double check.

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